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Tailored to a contemporary aesthetic, our metal composite panel is a resilient and durable backing for your photo print. Besides serving as a dependable foundation, the metal panel allows for strikingly realistic image reproduction and superb depth of colour – uniting practical and decorative qualities to give you a truly exceptional wall decor item!

Simple refinement

Your picture is printed directly onto a robust yet stylish aluminium composite panel. The matte finish gives metal prints a chic, restrained aesthetic that’s the perfect complement to modern interior styling.

Lightweight but resilient

The metal composite panel consists of a black plastic core enclosed between two slim aluminium sheets. As well as providing an elegant look, it’s light, stable and wonderfully strong.

Safe to display

We use only solvent-free inks in our printing process, meaning our metal prints are perfectly safe for anyone to use.

Please note the terms and conditions:

Terms & conditions:

  • Your Groupon coupon code may be redeemed only on the corresponding Aluminium format and is not valid for any other products
  • The validity period of the coupon is given in the email confirmation sent by Groupon
  • The coupon does not cover shipping costs
  • Orders can be placed 24 hours after the campaign has been finished.
  • Shipping costs start from $9.99 to $14.99
  • Please look up our FAQ Page in case you have any further questions.
  • If you experience any problems entering your coupon code, please contact us writing an e-mail to: info-nz@photo.gifts. Please do not finish placing the order, since it is NOT possible to apply the coupon code to an order that has been already placed subsequently.
  • The minimum needed resolution for your picture is 300x300px for 10x10cm, 450x300px for 15x10cm, 600x450px for 20x15cm, 600x600px for 20x20cm, 900x600px for 30x20cm, 900x900px for 30x30cm, 1200x900px for 40x30cm.

This is how you easily place an order:

  1. Upload the picture of your choice.
  2. Choose the format.
  3. Choose an effect for the image if you wish.
  4. Finally simply enter the coupon code in the shopping cart.